Covid Lab – PAMS

A 3-days ideas lab organized by the Cordoba Ministry of Science and Technology, to seek solutions to the different crises that arose with the pandemic.

Client: Min. de Ciencia y Tecnología
Date: 14/04/2020
Services: User Experience, UX, Hackathon, Sprint Design,

01. The Problem
Development of solutions linked to new forms of production, marketing and consumption.

02. The Solution

Through a digital platform for linking and access to sustainable production and management methodologies, in accordance with the new post-pandemic paradigms aimed at micro SMEs.

  • Self-managing content
  • Standar content: health ecology, collaborative work, good hygiene practices, etc.
  • Specialized content for different industries or services with the participation of the sectoral stakeholders.
  • Progress accreditation.
  • Possibility of being a tutor, driving instructor or PAMS facilitator, accrediting academic knowledge or expertise in the matter.
  • Forum where companies can connect and share experiences.
  • Priority should be given to propping up awareness and propping up post-pandemic social changes
  • Home office policy
  • Social awareness indicators or activities
  • Physical and emotional care of its members
  • Care for health in your geographic area and area of ​​influence, promoting vaccination checks and proper hygiene practices, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • Collaborative work

03. Mobile Solutions

04. Other Features


SMEs and micro-SMEs, entrepreneurs and employees who must reconvert their jobs or add a new activity, in the province of Córdoba.

Indirectly, it will serve to professionals, and people in general who want to help others by sharing their know-how and expertise, as a motivational experience, professional prestige and social commitment.


Through this platform, we expect to generate a community with synergy, collaborative, conscious, that facilitates access to production methodologies and sustainable management. That by working together, the group of beneficiaries rethink the methodologies adopted so far and the opportunity to modify them based on this new panorama.

05. Info

Covid Lab Córdoba was a hackathon style event where we participate  with multi disciplinary professionals seeking for innovatives solutions to the post pandemic local scenario.

Client: Min. de Ciencia y Tecnología
Date: 14/04/2020
Services: User Experience, UX, Hackathon, Sprint Design,
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