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Engel Pants 100% Merino online shop Wool overseas Pajamas Bottom Leg Children Thermal

Engel Pants 100% Merino Wool Children Pajamas Bottom Thermal Leg


Engel Pants 100% Merino Wool Children Pajamas Bottom Thermal Leg

Product description

Pants (pajama bottom) for your kid.
It is made from 100% organic merino wool. Merino wool is the softest wool - ideal for baby's skin. It is natural body temperature regulator, especially when worn against the skin.
Engel production is made in Germany and certified with "IVN BEST" and "Global Organic Textile", that verify high quality of products.
Size for height 92 cm (36 inches) is for approx. 2 years, Length of pants 51 cm (20 inches), Length of Inseam 34 cm (13,5 inches).
Size for height 104 cm (41 inch) is for approx. 3-4 years, Length of pants58 cm (23 inches), Length of Inseam 41 cm (16 inches).
Size for height 116 cm (45 inches) is for approx. 4-6 years, Length of pants 68 cm (27 inches), Length of Inseam 47 cm (18,5 inches).
Size for height 128 cm (50 inches) is for approx. 6-8 years, Length of pants 78 cm (30,5 inches), Length of Inseam 58 cm (23 inches).
Size for height 140 cm (55 inches) is for approx. 8-10 years, Length of pants 86 cm (34 inches), Length of Inseam 65 cm (25,5 inches).

Engel Pants 100% Merino Wool Children Pajamas Bottom Thermal Leg

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