XTUGA B4 Choice B6 Colorful Audio Mixer Channels Multifunctional 4 6 Mi $28 XTUGA B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer 4/6 Channels Multifunctional Mi Musical Instruments Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke XTUGA,Multifunctional,/mobsman1595332.html,Colorful,Musical Instruments , Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke,Audio,B4/B6,4/6,Mi,$28,estudiomad.com.ar,Channels,Mixer $28 XTUGA B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer 4/6 Channels Multifunctional Mi Musical Instruments Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke XTUGA B4 Choice B6 Colorful Audio Mixer Channels Multifunctional 4 6 Mi XTUGA,Multifunctional,/mobsman1595332.html,Colorful,Musical Instruments , Electronic Music, DJ Karaoke,Audio,B4/B6,4/6,Mi,$28,estudiomad.com.ar,Channels,Mixer

XTUGA B4 Max 47% OFF Choice B6 Colorful Audio Mixer Channels Multifunctional 4 6 Mi

XTUGA B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer 4/6 Channels Multifunctional Mi


XTUGA B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer 4/6 Channels Multifunctional Mi

Product Description

XTUGA is a brand of high-end microphones and electronic audio products. It designs and manufactures all kinds of high-quality and professional consumer audio products. Its excellent quality, reliable performance and value make XTUGA famous in China and enjoys great popularity in the electronic industry. XTUGA's multifarious product series includes professional wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems designed for performers, singing equipment suits for portable music players and smart phones, and mixing consoles for professional DJ used. Today, XTUGA's products have been widely used in various industries, whether the stage of concert , studio, radio and television stations,or the public address systems of religious venus, conference facilities or other occasions. There will be XTUGA's products.

XTUGA,as a registered brand of musical instruments. Its philosophy not only has a gorgeous appearance but also an inherent quality. The purpose is to express the high quality of the public cost. Its design icons are not only suitable for those who have many years of experience in the musical instrument industry, but also suitable for the young who performs on the stage.

XTUGA Professional 4-channel/6-channel mixing console and monitor paths plus effects processor.

Function parameter:

ultra convenient and compact design

Wide range of applications

Suitable for all kinds of people

4-channel mixing console with two mono channels and one stereo tape channel AUX-bus main channel output One AUX output and backtrack 2-band EQ for each input channel Built-in professional reverb 2-bus electronic balanced display With input gain and high bass adjustment, built-in +48V phantom power, high-definition headset putput port, MP3 broadcast Sound card function for the computerSound card function for the computer.

Low-noise on all microphone input

Adjustable input signal, channel treble/bass tone,signal sizes, main output level, size of headset volume, echo repetition frequency and effect echo repeat time interval

Monitor and effects paths as well as separate gain controls on all channel

Headphones output with dedicated volume control

MP3 function keys to be witched LINE/BT/PC working status and turned loop play mode

The group of recording terminal ports for a stereo input out connection to the recording interface

Can be connected to PC's USB port power supply and the computer through the USB power supply Mobile power or USB AC/DC can be used XLR plug and phone type plug can be connected what you want to use microphone or instrument Stereo input jack used to connect line-level instruments such as electronic keyboards and audio equipment. Two types of jacks are available: phone type and RCA pin type Low-noise on all microphone input

Adjustable input signal, channel treble/bass tone,signal sizse, main output level, size of headset volume, echo repetition frequency and effect echo repeat time interval

Monitor and effects paths as well as separate gain controls on all channel Headphones output with dedicated volume control Built-in +48V phantom power for condenser mics

MP3 function keys to be witched LINE/BT/PC working status and turned loop play mode

The group of recording terminal ports for a stereo input out connection to the recording interface


The Mixer B4

The Q&A For B4

Queation One.Unsuccessful connection to the computer.

Solution:1.Check whether the power supply current of the computer is above 500 mA and the voltage is above 5V.2.Check the button on the back of the mixer has been pressed, need to switch the mode to PC.3.Check if there is any problem with the USB interface of the computer, try another USB interface or another computer.4.Check if there is any problem with the USB cable, try another cable, the screen shows that the PC is successfully connected.

Queation Two.Bluetooth connection is unsuccessful.

Solution:Check if the MODE/BT button is pressed to switch the mode, the screen displays BT stands for Bluetooth mode, the screen will flash during pairing, and the screen will not flash when the Bluetooth connection is successful, the Bluetooth name is MIXING BT.

Queation Three. There is noise during recording.

Solution:1.Check if the power supply of the computer is above 500mA and the voltage is above 5V. 2.Try another USB cable, because unstable connection will cause noise.

Queation Four.The microphone sound is low.

Solution:Use the XLR three-pin plug cable to connect the microphone to make the sound louder .It is recommended to use a condenser microphone. This mixer is more suitable for condenser microphones.

Queation Five.There is no sound when connecting USB to play music.


Check if the USB button on the front of the mixer is pressed.

Queation Six.Reverb and delay adjustments have no effect.


Make sure the channel EFX button has been pressed, and then adjust the yellow area knob to adjust the reverb and delay effects.

XTUGA B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer 4/6 Channels Multifunctional Mi

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John 3:16

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Construction of Phase One is expected to begin again this summer of 2013. The architectural firm, Raymond Van Nosdol and Associates, Inc., is responsible for designing the building. Michael C. Raymond is the architect in charge of the project. Plans call for the building to be used for church services, Bible studies,
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