We build brand experiences for the digital world.

MAD Studio is a design studio specialized in creating brand experiences for the digital world.

Guadalupe and Martín Gómez Kennedy, blood brothers and design specialists, add value in the union of highly qualified professionals, with a great trajectory in design management, as well as in the training of professionals in the field.

about MAD

Any brand that wants to launch, grow and even endure over time, must chart a path, and together we can build it.

We build partnerships

What our clients say

“Their constant guidance and professionalism in facing each action make us strengthen our bond day by day. Thank you Estudio MAD for joining us in our project!”

Soledad & Ana Blink Diseño Organizacional

“We are happy with the results that they have given us from the study and with the commitment with which they have worked on our project.”

Comunicación calificada-10
Caro & Costi Calificadas

“The result was excellent, better than I expected. The designers knew how to capture our needs and translate it in a very practical way.”

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Pablo Morales Andreau United World School

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