Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,,Ekena,Medallion,,$66,/heterometabolism1747443.html,Millwork,Ceiling,CM17PRBLF,x,1/2"OD,Preston,17 Ekena 1 year warranty Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston Ceiling x 17 1 Medallion 2"OD Ekena 1 year warranty Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston Ceiling x 17 1 Medallion 2"OD Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,,Ekena,Medallion,,$66,/heterometabolism1747443.html,Millwork,Ceiling,CM17PRBLF,x,1/2"OD,Preston,17 $66 Ekena Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston Ceiling Medallion, 17 1/2"OD x Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans $66 Ekena Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston Ceiling Medallion, 17 1/2"OD x Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

Ekena 1 year warranty Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston High order Ceiling x 17 Medallion 2

Ekena Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston Ceiling Medallion, 17 1/2"OD x


Ekena Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston Ceiling Medallion, 17 1/2"OD x

From the manufacturer

modern ceiling medallion


With round, diamond, oval, square and rectangular designs, there is something for everyone's preference. Eclectic, contemporary, organic, floral, traditional, and classic textures and patterns accentuate every home decor style.

modern ceiling medallion

wall medallion, ceiling medallion ideas

ceiling fan medallion

ceiling ring and medallion


easy install ceiling medallion

Available in beautiful pre-painted finishes such as metallic, crackle, flat and wood for those who want to simply match their current color scheme or you can add your own personal touch as they come factory primed ready for paint too. Choose whole or split, for an even easier installation. Simply glue, screw and paint. Instant upgrade!

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CM12BR Bradford Ceiling Medallion CMP13TR Traditional Thermoformed PVC Ceiling Medallion CMPP30EP Empire Pierced Ceiling Medallion CMM16003CN Cannes Metal Pierced Ceiling Medallion CMW16ACRO Ceiling Medallion
Material Urethane Thermoformed PVC Cellular PVC Metal Wood

Ekena Millwork CM17PRBLF Preston Ceiling Medallion, 17 1/2"OD x

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