for,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,4,Silverware,$23,Koulang,20,Set,Set,Mirror,/crunode1595795.html,Finish,Piec,Cutlery,- for,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,4,Silverware,$23,Koulang,20,Set,Set,Mirror,/crunode1595795.html,Finish,Piec,Cutlery,- Koulang Silverware Set for 4 Max 88% OFF - Piec Cutlery Finish Mirror 20 Koulang Silverware Set for 4 Max 88% OFF - Piec Cutlery Finish Mirror 20 $23 Koulang Silverware Set for 4 - Mirror Finish Cutlery Set 20 Piec Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $23 Koulang Silverware Set for 4 - Mirror Finish Cutlery Set 20 Piec Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Koulang Silverware Set for 4 Max 88% Max 62% OFF OFF - Piec Cutlery Finish Mirror 20

Koulang Silverware Set for 4 - Mirror Finish Cutlery Set 20 Piec


Koulang Silverware Set for 4 - Mirror Finish Cutlery Set 20 Piec

Product Description

Koulang flatware set for 4



1, Sets of 4 total 20 pieces included, 4 person cutlery set

2, Lead free food grade stainless steel heavy flatware

3, Cultury set made of high quality stainless steel, anti rust

4, Mirror finish shining surface with smooth edges

5, Brushed stainless flatware set with Ergonomic handles and good grip


1, Please wash before first use

2, Please pay attention to serrated edges and sharp edges

3, Please DO NOT scratch or bend to damage the mirror finish shining surface

4, DO NOT sink or dip the flatware set in water or other liquid for a long time though they are anti rust made of stainless steel

5, Wash after every use, wipe with soft and fine cloth to keep the silverware set shinning

6, Keep and store the stainless steel cuttlery sets at clean, dry and cool place

7, Kids should use the flatware sets silver under adults’ supervision

Packing List:

4 x Dinning Knives 8.78 inch

4 x Dinning Spoons 8.17 inch

4 x Dinning Forks 8.17 inch

4 x Tea Spoons 6.77 inch

4 x Salad Forks 6.77 inch

Total: 20 pieces, Flatware set for 4

Koulang Silverware Set for 4 - Mirror Finish Cutlery Set 20 Piec

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