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Dolphin Bed Linen 3 Large-scale Max 40% OFF sale Pieces Comforter Cover Blue Ocean Microfiber

Dolphin Bed Linen 3 Pieces Microfiber Ocean Blue Comforter Cover


Dolphin Bed Linen 3 Pieces Microfiber Ocean Blue Comforter Cover

Product description

Size:King 228x228cm(90"x90")

?No matter any concerns you meet,please don't hesitate to contact us,our team will give the best solution within a short time

?Size Dimension:

?3 Pieces Single Size:
1x Duvet Cover:140x200cm (55"x79"),
2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm(20''x30'')

?3 Pieces Twin Size:
1x Duvet Cover:180x220cm(71"x87"),
2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm(20''x30'')

?3 Pieces Double Size:
1x Duvet Cover:200x200cm(79"x79"),
2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm(20''x30'')

?3 Pieces Full/Queen Size:
1x Duvet Cover:200x225cm(79"x89"),
2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm(20''x30'')

?3 Pieces King Size:
1x Duvet Cover:228x228cm(90"x90"),
2x Pillowcase:50cmx75cm(20''x30'')

?3 Pieces Super King Size:
1x Duvet Cover:260x230cm(102"x91"),
2x Pillowcases: 50cmx91cm(20''x36'')

?Machine Washable
For easy care, machine wash the duvet set on warm and tumble dry on low.

-All dimensions are measured manually with deviation ranged at 1-1.5 inches.
-You need buy Comforter and Flat/Fitted sheet separately, does not include any Comforter/Quilt/Duvet filling! just COVER

Dolphin Bed Linen 3 Pieces Microfiber Ocean Blue Comforter Cover

Look For

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