Home,HD-TVI,/cacique1747245.html,System,FULL,estudiomad.com.ar,ZOSI,Sur,Electronics , Security Surveillance,1080P,$77,8,Camera,Security,Channel $77 ZOSI Home Security Camera System 8 Channel FULL 1080P HD-TVI Sur Electronics Security Surveillance ZOSI Limited time cheap sale Home Security Camera System 8 HD-TVI FULL 1080P Channel Sur $77 ZOSI Home Security Camera System 8 Channel FULL 1080P HD-TVI Sur Electronics Security Surveillance ZOSI Limited time cheap sale Home Security Camera System 8 HD-TVI FULL 1080P Channel Sur Home,HD-TVI,/cacique1747245.html,System,FULL,estudiomad.com.ar,ZOSI,Sur,Electronics , Security Surveillance,1080P,$77,8,Camera,Security,Channel

ZOSI Limited time cheap sale Home Security Camera System 8 HD-TVI FULL 1080P Channel Sur Max 62% OFF

ZOSI Home Security Camera System 8 Channel FULL 1080P HD-TVI Sur


ZOSI Home Security Camera System 8 Channel FULL 1080P HD-TVI Sur

Product description

ZOSI 8CH HD-TVI Full 1080p DVR w/ 4PCS 1920TVL Cameras Remote Access in Seconds with QR Code ScanConnect your smartphone or tablet to your system with a quick scan of the QR Code, remote access has never been so easy. Save Space, Save Money, Record Longer Motion Detection Recording allows record only when motion is detected to save hard disk space Free Advanced Zosi Smart Apps* Live View amp; Playback on your Smartphone* One button record and capture the wonderful moments* Mobile push alerts when motion detection H. 264 8Channel 1080P DVR Specification: 1. High-Definition: Encode capacity 8*1080P@15FPS, Support 1080P Full HD HDMI output, support VGA and BNC outputs as well. 2. One Step on the Internet: Can penetrate through all kinds of network via cloud service 3. Support all kinds of mobile monitor(iPhone, iPad, Android system) 4. Support 1 SATA port, 1HDD of 2TB , 3 USB2. 0 port, Support mouse control, USB Video Back up, DVR upgrade 5. Get Instant email alerts if motion detected1080P 1920TVL Dome Camera Specification Image Sensor: 1/2. 7" Aptina CMOS with ICR Horizontal Resolution: 1920TV-Lines Lens: 3. 6mm 24pcs IR leds, Night Vision up to 20m (65ft)Package Contents1x H. 264 8CH 1080P HD-TVI DVR 4 x 1920TVL Dome Cameras 4 x 60FT CCTV cable for camera 2 x 12V/2A power supply 1 x 1 to 4 power splitter cable please noted : This system did not come with Hard Drive. This system does not come with hard drive. Assembling a 3. 5 inch SATA 500GB to 2TB hard drive is necessary.

From the manufacturer

Local View or Remote View from multiple devices

Local View or Remote View from multiple devices

Local Viewing: No Network needed, just connect the system to a monitor via HDMI/VGA port and enjoy multiple-cam views on one screen.

Remote Viewing: Download the Zosi Smart app on your smartphone (iOS or Android), and enjoy four cameras simultaneous viewing on the app. You can also view the live view from computer via AVSS pc client.

Remote View

Moition Detection

Specific Record

Expandable System

1 720P 4 black bullet cameras system 1080P 4 wireless cameras system 1080P 4 white bullet cameras security system 5MP 4 white bullet cameras security system
More Details More Details More Details More Details More Details
Connection Type Power over Ethernet BNC Cable WiFi 2.4 Ghz / Ethernet BNC Cable BNC Cable
DVR / NVR 8 Channel PoE NVR 8 Channel DVR 8 Channel Wireless NVR 4 Channel DVR 8 Channel DVR
Camera 4 cameras 4 cameras 4 cameras 4 cameras 4 cameras
Night Vision 100ft 65ft 65ft 100ft 100ft
Resolution 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P 5MP
Hard Drive 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive
IR LEDs Amount 36pcs, 5mm LEDs with IR-CUT function 24pcs, 5mm LEDs with IR-CUT function 24pcs, 5mm LEDs with IR-CUT function 36pcs, 5mm LEDs with IR-CUT function 36pcs, 5mm LEDs with IR-CUT function
Motion Detection

ZOSI Home Security Camera System 8 Channel FULL 1080P HD-TVI Sur



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We’ve been proud supporters of the My Room Children’s Cancer Charity who do amazing work supporting families and children affected by cancer. Please donate to help them fund support services, medical equipment, clinical care, research and trials.