Badash Silveredge Glass Serving Tray x 6.5" 2021 autumn and winter new 18" - Hand-Decorated Tray,Silveredge,Hand-Decorated,Serving,x,18",/altogetherness1747419.html,,6.5",Glass,-,Badash,$41,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Tray,Silveredge,Hand-Decorated,Serving,x,18",/altogetherness1747419.html,,6.5",Glass,-,Badash,$41,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Badash Silveredge Glass Serving Tray x 6.5" 2021 autumn and winter new 18" - Hand-Decorated $41 Badash Silveredge Glass Serving Tray - 18" x 6.5" Hand-Decorated Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $41 Badash Silveredge Glass Serving Tray - 18" x 6.5" Hand-Decorated Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Badash Genuine Free Shipping Silveredge Glass Serving Tray x 6.5

Badash Silveredge Glass Serving Tray - 18" x 6.5" Hand-Decorated


Badash Silveredge Glass Serving Tray - 18" x 6.5" Hand-Decorated

Product description

A Badash silveredge Glass Serving Tray is the epitome of functional beauty. The gorgeous thick seeded glass design and brilliant silver edging applied by hand add stand-out style to a coffee or dining table. This mouth-blown decorative tray is entirely food-safe, so you'll have fun filling it with different delicious snacks and treats. The understated elegance gives it great versatility, so it's perfect for holiday celebrations as well as last-minute informal gatherings. Its durable beauty makes it an ideal tray for serving food, and it also is an elegant vanity organizer for a dresser or in the boudoir. It is a must-have for entertaining, making it a wonderful addition to any home as well as an excellent gift for a housewarming, wedding, or holiday. The handcrafted rectangle serving tray measures 18" L x 6.5" W and is hand wash only.

Badash Silveredge Glass Serving Tray - 18" x 6.5" Hand-Decorated

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