$57 Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna, 70cm, 10 Element Electronics Portable Audio Video Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna 70cm Our shop OFFers the best service 10 Element $57 Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna, 70cm, 10 Element Electronics Portable Audio Video Diamond,/altogetherness1595219.html,Antenna,,70cm,,Element,Yagi,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,$57,A430S10,10,estudiomad.com.ar Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna 70cm Our shop OFFers the best service 10 Element Diamond,/altogetherness1595219.html,Antenna,,70cm,,Element,Yagi,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,$57,A430S10,10,estudiomad.com.ar

Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna 70cm Our shop OFFers the best service 10 Element Classic

Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna, 70cm, 10 Element


Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna, 70cm, 10 Element

Product description

Special Features:

  • High Gain
  • Easy Assembly
  • Great for base or portable use.
  • Quality Construction
  • Factory adjusted – no tuning required.
  • Power Rating:100 watts
  • Frequency:430-440 MHz
  • Band:430 Yagi (10 element)
  • Connector:UHF
  • Gain:13 dBi
  • Weight:1.4 lbs.
  • Length:43"
  • Max Wind Resistance:80 MPH
Remarks: Center element insulated from ground.

Diamond A430S10 Yagi Antenna, 70cm, 10 Element

Strings & Text
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