AquaTop Titanium Heater w Controller Finally resale start $48,Heater,,w/Controller,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets,AquaTop,/Christianogentilism1595767.html,Titanium AquaTop Titanium Heater w Controller Finally resale start $48,Heater,,w/Controller,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets,AquaTop,/Christianogentilism1595767.html,Titanium $48 AquaTop Titanium Heater w/Controller Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets $48 AquaTop Titanium Heater w/Controller Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets

AquaTop Titanium Heater w Controller Finally New product! New type resale start

AquaTop Titanium Heater w/Controller


AquaTop Titanium Heater w/Controller

Product description

Size:200 Watt (Up to 55 Gallons)

Aquatop’s TH-C series of fully submersible titanium heaters with controller offers a compact design for versatile placement and are extremely durable thanks to the tough titanium heating element construct. Temperature range is 68F - 92F, and each unit has a separate temperature probe to help ensure even temperature readings. Temperature range is 68F - 92F Ultra tough titanium construct Easy-to-read temperature indicator Remote sensor for accurate temperatures For fresh or saltwater systems

AquaTop Titanium Heater w/Controller

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